You’re missing out if you’ve never used a high-quality, big-screen 4K monitor. These sharp displays are predictably impressive for content consumption, but they’re also great for productivity tasks. You can fit so much into the screen without compromising on quality, making them great for software like Excel and Adobe Premiere that benefits from additional screen real estate. They’re also an excellent choice for heavy multitasking and light gaming if you don’t need to get dedicated gaming monitor deals.


  • Dell S2721QS 4K Monitor — $350, was $540
  • Dell S3221QS Curved 4K Monitor — $380, was $600
  • Dell S2722QC USB-C 4K Monitor — $380, was $620

While these high-resolution screens tend to be pretty pricey, you can still find some excellent 4K desktop monitor deals. Some of our favorite offers are on the Dell website, and they just slashed prices on three of the best 4K monitors on the market. Today, you can get up to $240 off on one of these stunning displays by visiting Dell. Keep reading to discover why a 4K monitor might be perfect for your setup.

Dell S2721QS 4K Monitor — $350, was $540

It’s incredible how affordable a 4K monitor is nowadays, especially when you have units like the 27-inch Dell S2721QS. In our Dell S2721QS review, we called it “4K basics at a great price” because of its impeccable build quality and great display. If you’re not looking for monitors with the most cutting-edge features, this is the one to pick up. It’s a lifestyle-focused monitor that’s perfect for entertainment, productivity, and even some light gaming. The S2721QS is equipped with an excellent LED IPS panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio that’s perfect for watching movies and TV shows in their native resolution. It also has a contrast ratio of 1,300:1 and supports up to 350 nits of brightness. You also get the excellent viewing angles with IPS displays, with content remaining clear when viewed from any direction. There’s some minor adjustment capability in the built-in display with up to 21 degrees of tilt and up to 30 degrees of swivel in both directions, providing some solid ergonomics without needing an additional mount. There are also reliable connectivity options, with compatibility for both HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2, and the ability to easily switch between inputs. You can pick it up for a discount at Dell’s website by hitting the Buy Now button below.

Dell S3221QS Curved 4K Monitor — $380, was $600


When you start getting up to 32-inch monitors, a curved screen starts becoming incredibly useful. Not only does it help improve the immersion of your viewing experience but it also allows you to see more of your display at once, which can be a game-changer in terms of productivity. One of the best curved monitors in its price range is the 32-inch Dell Curved S3221QS monitor. It’s a stunning 4K display with plenty of screen space, exceptional detail, and intense contrast, thanks to its VA panel technology. The massive screen is incredible for both content consumption and work, giving you enough space for tons of windows and a curve to see them all without tilting your head. There are three USB 3.0 output ports for hooking up external peripherals and other devices to truly supercharge your productivity. For inputs, you get two HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.2 port, which you can easily switch between using the controls on the unit itself. Deals tend to expire quickly on the Dell website, so there’s no time to waste! Hit the Buy Now button below and supercharge your content-viewing experience today.

Dell S2722QC USB-C 4K Monitor — $380, was $620

With many laptops removing their traditional HDMI or DisplayPort slots and replacing them with USB-C ports, getting a monitor that supports the standard makes sense. For example, the 27-inch Dell S2722QC USB-C monitor has a versatile USB Type-C upstream port with up to 65W power delivery and DisplayPort 1.4 capability. You can keep your laptop charged and connected to an external display using a single wire, significantly simplifying your desk setup. The 27-inch 4K LED panel is delightful to look at, with fantastic colors, unrivaled clarity, and an antiglare coating so you can use it in any lighting conditions. It’s also an IPS panel, so you get excellent viewing angles if you plan to use this screen as a TV. The display stand is also one of the best we’ve seen, with tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustment. You can easily change it for every session or set and forget it for years to come. This is easily one of the best 4K monitors around, and you can get it at a significant discount today. Get this monitor on sale at Dell by hitting the Buy Now button below!

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