The Creation Catalyst lets you create Tier Set items on a cooldown. Find out everything you need to know about the new feature coming to live servers on April 12!

What is the Creation Catalyst?

The Creation Catalyst is a bad luck protection system that lets you convert non-set Season 3 items to Tier Sets in Eternity’s End.

When will Creation Catalyst become available on live servers?

The Creation Catalyst will become available on live servers starting April 12 (US) / April 13 (EU).

Where can you find the Creation Catalyst?

The console can be found in Catalyst Gardens in Zereth Mortis.

You can either fly up the tower to reach the console or walk into a geyser that will bring you up. You can find the exact location on the map below.

What type of gear can be converted to Tier Set items with the Creation Catalyst?

  • Season 3 gear — this includes Sepulcher raid items, Mythic Dungeon Gear, Ranked/Unranked PvP Gear.
  • Loot from World Boss Antros
  • Sandworn Relics Gear sold by Rafiq in Zereth Mortis

How many pieces of gear can you convert per week?

Creation Catalyst lets you convert 1 non-set item to a Tier Set item the first week the system is available. More charges will accumulate the longer the system is live. After 4 weeks, you will be able to create 4 pieces of Tier Set items on your alts if you have enough Cosmic Flux.

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How much Cosmic Flux does it cost to convert non-set pieces into Tier Set items?

  • Helms, Chests, Legs cost 1,500 Cosmic Flux each.
  • Shoulders and Gloves cost 1,200 Cosmic Flux each.
  • Bracers and Cloaks cost 600 Cosmic Flux each.
  • Belts and Boots cost 800 Cosmic Flux each.

Which armor slots produce tier set items with 2-piece and 4-piece set bonuses?

2-piece and 4-piece bonuses will only work on Helms, Shoulders, Chests, Gloves, and Legs. The remaining slots can be converted just for transmogrification purposes. For example, a non-set belt will still be converted to a non-set belt without the bonuses even though the process consumes 800 Cosmic Flux.

How do you convert non-set gear to Tier Set items?

The Creation Catalyst UI is really simple and has two item slots, one for input, and the second one for output. In the first slot, you will see the non-set item that will be consumed during the conversion. The second slot contains the output item.

What if you destroyed or accidentally disenchanted an item you would like to convert?

You can use the Item Restoration Service to get it back.

What attributes carry over when you convert items with the Creation Catalyst?

Item level, Mythic/PvP upgrade paths, sockets, and tertiary stats.

Are tier set items created by the Creation Catalyst upgradeable or do you need to remake the tier with a higher item level base piece?

You’ll want to remake it with a higher item level base piece unless the initial version had an upgrade path from PVP or Mythic+ and you earned currency to allow it to be upgraded in that way.

For more details, check out our Creation Catalyst guide!